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Art Love

Art Love, 2023 Pendant by Donna de Leon.
The 10 Principles are on the back. This is an art form cleverly manipulates letters into shapes, conforming them into a silhouette.

Donna writes, “The Love Art pendant was inspired by a Christmas ornament in the shape of a star, made out of words. I played with the principles in the shape of the Man head,  and learned the letters were just too small to do cut outs. I changed the words to shorter words that reminded me of the being on the Playa: art, love, home, fire, dust, gift, burner, the man, principles, and desire. I saw an L on the left side of the man head and an A on the right side,  creating Love Art. One of the reasons I am so drawn to Burning Man is my love of art. The creativity is mind blowing,  along with everything that goes into creating and bringing art to the playa.   To differentiate the words,  I wanted 2 colors.  Since I have no graphics skills,  I create my ideas in Google Slides, and then reach out for help.   Scott Whittaker helped clean up the graphics, and then I ran into Sarge at BEquinox.  We discussed the pendant and he agreed to produce it for me in silver and gold. After showing him my original idea for Principle Man,  he suggested I put the principle on the back side of the pendant, like the roads at Burning Man. I fitted the principles, my initials, and the man on the back.  Sarge took it from there, determining the thickness and durability of the pendant. I was thrilled with the outcome!”

Maker: Donna De Leon Burning Man 2021 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Gold, Silver, Metal, Casted
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