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Dragonfly, 2019 Locket Series

Dragonfly, Pendant by Elizabeth Lieb.
This series of pendants were inspired by the 2019 theme Metamorphoses and depicts the Man Effigy morphed into insects and displayed in a locket as a Bug Collection. Many of them were made, this is only 4 collected.

Elizabeth Lieb is a veteran Burner of many years and celebrates each Burning Man with a very unique and limited edition Pendant which are highly prized by Collectors and Burners a like. She is also a key figure at Hookers & Makers Camp where each year they host the “Pewter Casting Events – Make your own pewter pendants” workshop. 

Artifact courtesy of Playa Artifacts Museum (P.A.M.). Tod (TBone) Johnson, Curator.

Maker: Elizabeth Lieb Burning Man 2019 Private Collection of Playa Artifacts Museum Media: Paper, Wood, Metal, Casted
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