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HOTD (Hair Of The Dog) 2022 Dog Tag Pendant

HOTD, 2022 Dog Tag Pendant

Hair Of The Dog writes, “HOTD is the first and longest running bar at Burning Man. HOTD holds a piece of the original fire, and we take that seriously.

We bring the music & the booze, you bring the booze & the music! HOTD is open until the bartenders pass out, and then we reopen when you get behind the bar. All performers are welcome, and we’ll give you a well lubricated audience. As long as you’re doing it, we’ll love it. Come join us.”

Artifact courtesy of Playa Artifacts Museum (P.A.M.). Tod (TBone) Johnson, Curator.

Maker: Unknown Camp Made For: HOTD Burning Man 2019 Private Collection of Playa Artifacts Museum Media: Metal, Casted
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