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Ra, Wood Pendant

Ra, 2019 Wood Pendant by John Cody.
Ra for the Egyption God is collection of 6 different metal pieces with slightly different color schemes. Production assistance by Tod (TBone) Johnson.

A wood version was also made.

John writes, “Da Vinci’s Workshop was my first Burn. Of all the amazing experiences that happened that year, one stands out that illustrates the magic of Burning Man. I visited the Temple and poured my heart out over a lost relative. I wrote a message with the anticipation of burning away my sorrows. Before the Temple was to be burned, my ride out decided to leave to make exodus time shorter. We were in the car and driving our way to the front gates. I was somewhat beside myself, sad that I was missing the Temple. It wasn’t until a Burner stepped in from of our car, waving his hands for us to stop. He handed each of us a necklace with a tiny vile of sand.

He said “I know you are sad for missing the Temple burn. I hope this helps”. The tiny vile was filled with Playa dust from the ground at the Temple. I was awe-struck. I cried.

It was in that moment I understood the power of swag. It’s not the metal, plastic or wood.

It’s the memories and human connections that are attached to them. My intent for making this year’s swag is just that. I hope they bring people together and help create life-long relationships and memories.

Perhaps one of the most well-known gods in Egypt was Ra. The Sun, anthropomorphised into human form has many parallels to the mythical bird the Phoenix. This Egyptian inspired variant is my original vision for creating these gifts. Metamorphosis is all about change, and change happens in cycles.

Much like the sun.”

Maker: John Cody Burning Man 2019 Private Collection of Playa Artifacts Museum Media: Wood
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