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A collection of artifacts inspired from Burning Man

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An amazing collection of artifacts inspired by Burning Man

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Pendant 2022, 
by Lofax Elifas and LilJoy 


Playa Makers is a growing archive of Burning Man inspired artifacts, inspirations and stories behind them. This continuously growing collection is open to all makers who wish to contribute their own works or share what relics they have been Gifted on Playa. Add your artifact and biography, it is easy.

Nicole C. Bloss 2018

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With over 2,000 artifacts and growing every day.
Pendants, Patches, Stickers, Pins,  Buttons, Postcards, Prints, Jewelry and so much more!

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Playa Artifacts Museum
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With over 700 artifacts and growing every day.

The PAM Collection

PlayaMakers is excited to bring the Playa Artifacts Museum (PAM) to the archive!
Curator Tod (TBone) Johnson of PAM has been collecting since 2007 and in 2019 brought his Playa Artifacts Museum to Black Rock City.
We have been collaborating together over the last year to bring his collection online to PlayaMakers. This is the first release of 700 artifacts from his collection and we will be adding hundreds more in the future!

Come explore the new addition of Playa Artifacts Museum Collection.

2023 by Tanny Onsalo
and Paul Delathauwer

Follow your dreams,
2022 by Joel (Sargent Pepper) Briggs

Makers Spotlight

Meet the artists behind the artifacts.

Sumner (Pan) Silverman has been accredited in making some of the most iconic pendants of the Playa.

Sumner (Pan) Silverman (1942-2020)

Playa Made

The Jewelry of Burning Man

January 24, 2020 – August 23, 2020

 Playa Made: The Jewelry of Burning Man offers an up close look at the jewelry created for and during the event. This exhibition is curated by Christine Kristen, a.k.a. LadyBee, and originated at the Fuller Craft Museum. It features the remarkable collection of jewelry that LadyBee has collected at Burning Man over the past twenty five years.