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Animalia, 2023 Pendant

Animalia, 2023 Pendant by Jim Cavera.

Jim says “The camp is “Cosmicquarium Village” (we’re all about space and fish and the obvious intersection of the two).  The inspiration is this year’s theme: animalia.  I was thinking that there’s going to be a lot of furries there (like everyone else was) and then thought “well, we’re all animals anyway”.  And then realized that the map of the city could be turned in to a phylogenic tree.  And around the edges, put the complete human pylogeny…

Domain = Eukaryota

Kingdom = Animalia

Phylum, Class, Order,… etc.

And the sub-species, of course, the camp name.  🙂”

Maker: Jim Cavera Camp Made For: Cosmicquarium Village Private Collection of Jim Cavera Media: Metal
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