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Biography: Paul Delathauwer

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Paul Delathauwer celebrates each Burning Man with variety of custom Pendants, Patches, Stickers he makes in his Boise Idaho studio.

In 2016 Paul attended his first Burning Man which was a transformative experience that reignited his creative energies. For the 2017 Burn he launched his first line of pendants as gifts.  Paul’s method of work involves both 3D and traditional goldsmithing techniques of jewelry making, creating 6 to 8 new designs each year.

“It’s a relic being bestowed on you and you are being recognized as a caretaker of our culture”

Paul’s work has been exhibited nationally in several museums including the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery “No Spectators” exhibit in Washington DC. He also has designed pendants for The Burning Man Project and commissions of custom designs for Theme Camps, fundraising and burners who are looking for a unique gift to give on the Playa.

“My jewelry is a way to share a special bonding experience between one another at Burning Man”

Paul is also one of the artists for the Wagon Masters Award project. This special award is made for the recognition of Burners who have significantly contributed to the Burn community.

His work has appeared in many Burning Man Artumnal annual fundraisers as well as being featured in Museums, including the 2018 exhibit No Spectators, the art of Burning Man at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, DC.

Maker: Paul Delathauwer
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2 reviews for Biography: Paul Delathauwer

  1. Eric Cifani

    Love your work Paul. You are a gift and inspiration!

  2. Rory Kalmar

    Paul’s work is some of the first that got me interested in making my own burning man gifts, and I continue to be impressed by his level of dedication to his craft and to our community. Thank you Paul!!

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