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Black Rock City Ball Game

Black Rock City Ball Game, 2018 by Jason (Magnum) Dave.
This unique pendant is crafted on a Mill. Jason used 2 and sometimes 3 different metals for the casing, Brass, Copper and Aluminum. For the playing surface he cleverly uses a vinyl sticker with UV protection to preserve color and 2 different stainless steel balls to add difficulty to the game. It is enclosed with a laser cut acrylic window. This pendant pictures here was a one of a kind.

Jason (Magnum) Dave is a 20 year Burner and has been accredited in making some of the most iconic pendants of the Playa.

Maker: Jason Dave Playa Name: Magnum Burning Man 2019 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Plastic, Brass, Metal
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