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Black Rock City Uni-Cocker, Patch

Black Rock City Uni-Cocker, 2019 Patch by Timothy Morse.
A sticker was also made.

As told by the artist, “My first design for the playa offering is a black and white patch. The concept is based on things seen at my first two burns. The image of the “cock” is representative of the shirt cockers I saw at my first burn. I was surprised whenever I would cross paths with them. The second is the unicycle. It represented the second camp I was a part of named hammer and cyclery a bicycle repair camp. Acknowledging the importance of wheeled transportation on the playa, I put a dadaist spin on the design having the cock riding a unicycle where the feet don’t touch the pedals. I like the irony of balance without moving.”

Maker: Timothy Morse Burning Man 2019 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Fabric
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