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Burning Man Waking Dreams, UV Patch Series

Burning Man Waking Dreams, 2022 UV Patch Series by Timothy Morse. A Sticker was also made.

The artists writes,

“Waking Dreams – 2022
The burning man’s head is a design element connecting from year to year. From the origin of the Multiverse Astronaut, the man’s head evolved into the playing card design for the King of Clubs, then into my joker design for the unknown. Waking dreams for me conjure experiences with mushrooms at various times in my life. There is also a nod to the events happening in Ukraine with the blue and yellow mushroom caps. The numbers 22 folded into each other make a heart for love and the burn. The extended 2-fingers also signify the year 2022 and peace symbols. The 11 small mushrooms are half of 22, which is a nod to half dosing. The two bullseyes with letters W and D take on the appearance of a frog-type creature.

Designed to even work under UV light to appear more 3D, therefore the background spiral pattern tests the limits of a patch design.”

Maker: Timothy Morse Burning Man 2022 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Fabric
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