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Deo Gracias Fresco, 2022 Patch

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Deo Gracias Fresco, 2022 Patch by Sebastian (Biscuit) Leyk.
Stickers and a pendant were also produced.

The Deo Gracias Fresco in the Heiligen Geist Kirche (1326) in Wismar is a fresco that depicts a mathematical-logical puzzle made up of letters. The Latin phrase Deo Gracias (in the Medieval Latin spelling gracias instead of gratias; means “thanks to God”) can be read in 504 ways. In a hospital church, the riddle can be understood both as a praise to God and as a remedy. The representation of praise as a puzzle and a learning aid for abstract thinking is unusual and therefore valuable. It is so far unique in Germany.


Maker: Sebastian Leyk Playa Name: Biscuit Burning Man 2022 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Fabric
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1 review for Deo Gracias Fresco, 2022 Patch

  1. TM

    Seb Stain designed this offering. 🙂

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