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Dream to Live, Love, and Dance

Dream to Live, Love, and Dance, 2022 by Joel (Sargent Pepper) Briggs.

Joel writes. “This pendant is dedicated to family, friends, and burners who have left the bonds of our world. With their passing, our hearts ache. Our world becomes upside down. But in time, we reflect back on those cherished memories, and this brings our world back to smiles, love, and until we meet again.

This is represented by the 120 hearts that form a border around the perimeter of the pendant. These 120 hearts spin, depicting the ache and chaos in our hearts of missing our loved ones. In the end, it comes around a full circle, but still with an emptiness, represented by the missing part from the pendant heart. And then one day, we can breathe, and our heart beats on – 120 systolic.”

Joel (Sargent Pepper) Briggs is one of the Playas most prolific and artistic makers. Each year he pushes the his concepts past the boundaries in both in material and production methods. Joel also uses precious metals that at comes from his own mining claims! He produces some of the most unique pieces which are highly treasures by collectors. A pendant of Joel’s appears in Karen Christians book, Jewelry of Burning Man. p75.

Maker: Joel Briggs Playa Name: Sargent Pepper Burning Man 2022 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Metal, Casted
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