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El Barfo Vomito, 2023 Pendant

El Barfo Vomito, 2023 Pendant by Hipolito Medrano.
A Patch was also made.
Private collection of Lofax Elifas.

Hipolito says, “The clouds name is El Barfo Vomito. In 2017, I was dealing with stomach issues and could barely contain food. A friend surprised by my good outlook on life despite my condition said: You’re like a sick cloud vomiting rainbows. (We were high on weed) Even with all the bad that I could display, I didn’t and chose the opposite. And El Barfo was born. My goal that year was to spread rainbows. It’s like Dolly Parton said: in order to have rainbows, you have to put up with a little rain. I make pixel art, and I’m drawn to the simplicity and severity of it.”

Maker: Hipolito Medrano Burning Man 2017 Private Collection of Lofax Elifas Media: Metal, Casted
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