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Evolve, 2023 Pendant by Constance Chan.

Constance writes, ” The pendant is my little love letter to animal evolution and the tree of life, crossed with our  own personal “evolutions” on playa through the burns. It’s based off the Tiktaalik fishapod, one of our transitional animals from water-based to land-based life. Behind is a stylized Nautilus shell, symbolizing the spiraling aspect of nature over time. In the center is the playa—both in the default sense, as a meeting point of sea and land, and as our home at Burning Man. Hopefully the pendant can serve as a reminder of things before and after us, as well as our own individual power to transform.”

Maker: Constance Chan Burning Man 2023 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Metal, Casted
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