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Red Nose District (RND) has been in existence, in one form or another since 1998. In 2013, we resolved to keep our hearts, minds, and noses RED from now until the end of time! RND has roots and participants in LA, SF, Santa Fe, DC, NYC, Oregon, Canada, Israel, France, & various states & countries around the world. Our members are involved in (or are lovers of) the circus arts, & work to bring our skills & talents to the playa in forms that allow for immersive & participatory experiences for citizens of Black Rock City. Notable past projects/activities include: High Chair Stilt Bar, PedalBump, Muse, Fire Wire, Wheel of Fortune, Zenobia Blanca stilt limo, Zeppelin art cars, stilt lessons, Whiskey Kickball, 30′ swings, & circus variety shows of all forms! Come find us on the playa!

This Artifact is part of the Swag of Burning Man Collection generously shared by Lorraine (Cookie) Bell.

Maker: Unknown Playa Name: RED NOSE DISTRICT Burning Man 2016 Private Collection of Swag of Burning Man Collection, by Lorraine (Cookie) Bell. Media: Paper, Plastic, Metal
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