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Temple of the 5 Elements III

Temple of the 5 Elements 2023, patch III, by Matt Scott.
A series of patches made in support of the Temple of the 5 Elements art installation, 2022.

Matt says, “Inspired by The Fifth Element, this is an interactive interpretation of the altar and plinths from the temple room of the film where burners will be invited to combine the elements of Earth, Air, Water & Fire to transform themselves into the element of love & illuminate their surroundings with the power of their love.

On the playa, two or more participants will ascend to the top of a short altar to stand on an inset, clear plexiglass disk, triggering hidden pressure sensors. When triggered, beams of light will shoot out from four surrounding pillars in colors representing Earth, Air, Water and Fire onto the participants on the altar, then a powerful beam of white light will illuminate the participants from below as they kiss or embrace, illuminating the surrounding area as they become the element of love until the lighting effect times out and fades to make space for other participants.
The Temple of the 5 Elements is a meditation on love and the fulfilled hope of re/connection.”

Maker: Matt Scott Camp Made For: Temple of the 5 elements Burning Man 2023 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Fabric
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