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Karavan, 2013 Pendant by Sumner (Pan) Silverman.
Modeled after the Joe the Camel Character. Created for the 2013 for Caravansary as a gift for the workshop sponsored by Camp Oasis 47.

Master Jeweler Karen Christians founder of Camp Oasis 47 coordinated a series of brass pendants made by Sumner Silverman which were casted in Brass using lost wax investment and hand finished. The back is a maze puzzle outlining the Man Effigy. Guests would use 2 part epoxy and a colorant to fill the cavity, sand and then polish. 

Master Jeweler Sumner (Pan) Silverman (1942-2020) created unique jewelry hand sculpted in wax and casted. His mastery of space and form is unparalleled. His work has been exhibited in museums and is featured in Karen Christians book, Jewelry of Burning Man. p16-p27

Thank you Sumner for sharing your amazing jewelry and your kind soul with us all.

Maker: Sumner Silverman Playa Name: Pan Camp Made For: Oasis 47 Burning Man 2013 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Brass, Metal, Casted
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  1. rach the bunny

    one of my most cherished

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