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The Doves, Steel

The doves, 2016 Steel Pendant by Jeff Schomberg and Laura Kimpton.
Cutouts from the large word sculptures which are gifted by the artists to passers by.

The story told by the collector Luca Graziani.

“I was taking a picture at the word “Home” when a little girl came to me and said “do you want a dove?” I was “sure, where did you get it” she was like “the artist that made this letters gave it to me”. I just found the dove in my dusty gear bag and the memory came to my mind, I didn’t even noticed the “holes” in the Letters have a bird shape. It was just magic <3 )'( — with Laura Kimpton.”

It has been reported that there’s a little poem that goes with it that you are supposed to say as you toss it in the air, and then follow the direction it sends you in.

The Doves in Aluminium courtesy of the PlayaMakers Collection.

Maker: Jeff Schomberg and Laura Kimpton Burning Man 2016 Private Collection of Luca Graziani Media: Steel, Metal
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