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The Playa Provides, Pin

The Playa Provides, Pin By Jennifer Raiser.

Jennifer writes, “… it was commissioned as a gift by my friend Sukey Forbes and made by Jennifer George, who is Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter and executor of his estate. Jennifer George has made a business of taking the contents of inherited jewelry boxes and turning them into something fun and wearable and she thinks this is her greatest piece yet.  The components were all individually gifted necklaces from Burning Man beginning my first year in 2006. There are over 70 individual pieces, and each was documented by maker and inspiration and material in the No Spectators show in the Smithsonian.”

Artifact courtesy of Playa Artifacts Museum (P.A.M.). Tod (TBone) Johnson, Curator.

Maker: Jennifer Raiser Private Collection of Playa Artifacts Museum Media: Plastic, Metal
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