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Waking Dreams Locket I

Waking Dreams Locket I, 2022 by Jeanette Monachello and her husband Dave.
3D printing is one of the new emerging technologies in our gifting culture.

This locket incorporates 3D printing and hand crafted art. The fine details include a dado hinge, magnet closure and book match 2 piece artwork inside. Several were made with different internal graphics. Inside this Locket are 2 eyes which are made of paper which add a touch of surrealism.

Waking Dreams Locket II courtesy of Playa Artifacts Museum (P.A.M.). Tod (TBone) Johnson, Curator.
Waking Dreams Locket III, Private collection of Steve Blake.
Waking Dreams Locket IV, Private collection of Kat Jones.

Maker: Dave and Jeanette Monachello Burning Man 2022 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Paper, Plastic, Metal
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