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Dragons Smelter Coin

Dragons Smelter Coin 2016 by Daniel Macchiarini.
The coin was reset in a sterling silver 925 Bezel and Bale.

This coin was minted at the Dragon Smelter Coin Press. A work shop located at the Man in the Da Vinci’s Piazza. Made onsite from 100% Recycled Aluminum and casted into a flat sheet where round blanks were punched out. Burners participated in minting the coin by using a heavy-duty manual hydraulic jack press and minting dies. A finishing bench was provided with files to clean up the flashing and a hand crank drill to pilot a hole for a wax cord necklace. This is one of 4 models combinations offered. You could mix and match the 2 halves of the dies to give you the different combinations.

The Dragon Smelter originated sometime back in 2000 with a Art installation on Playa. Visitors would melt down aluminum recycles was casted in pendant molds, producing a keepsake of your visit.

Dragon Smelter – Dragon Smelter Crew, Oakland, CA

Maker: Daniel Macchiarini Burning Man 2016 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Metal, Casted
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