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Love is in the Giver, Pendant

Love is in the Giver, Not the Gift, 2023 Pendant by Brenz Stemz.
A Patch was also made.

Brenz Stemz says, “I have read many things about crows and their way of gifting to people who they love.
One story is in my post about a little girl who receives a lot of gifts from the crows she leaves food for.
My mother-in-law has crows bring her gifts in her backyard and she leaves them cat food.
Some think crows mean death and from my understanding that was from Christianity beliefs but there are many other beliefs about crows which I linked more information if interested.
I really had this vision and spent hours on the design and even researching what style hat that Larry wore so that it could be included on my design. I also wanted the gifting symbol in the crows mouth along with the shape for the whole patch.”

Maker: Brenz Stemz Burning Man 2023 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Metal, Casted
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