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YOU’RE A WINNER, 2021 Patch by Timothy Morse.

As told by the Artist. “21 – You’re a Winner” patch I was playing off a couple layers of connection. First the year of 2021 and the possibility of going back to the playa. It struck me like a game of chance or blackjack in a casino which there are many in Nevada. There is also the layer of the burn may happen or it may not. Then I was playing with the idea of the playa being etched in so many peoples experiences that it occupied a top in their hearts which is the Ace of Hearts. Music is a big connection for me and I chose the King of Clubs as the playa is full of “Clubs” of all sorts from moving to permanent places to vibe to music. And the King represents the regales of how it feels to me. Sometimes like I am experiencing royalty when seeing performers of high caliber that I may never see anywhere else. I am a proponent of positivity and the “You’re A Winner” refers to the gifts that each of us are in this world. That and in blackjack the “21” is best hand and the dealer usually says “21 – You’re A Winner”.

Additionally on my Astro DJ Patch I was playing with the concept of the MAN being represented as a character in my story that I was sharing. The theme reappears as the MAN is the King of Clubs character. This is something I think I will plan to incorporate in the patch/sticker swag I produce moving forward. I hope this sheds a little light on my process and thinking.

Maker: Timothy Morse Burning Man 2021 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Fabric
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