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Biography: Shannon Shiang

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Shannon Shiang is an artist who has dedicated her life to the pursuit of creativity,  compassion, and community. Shannon was born an artist, however, it was not until she experienced Burning Man that she realized the true potential of jewelry as a form of miniature sculpture where she could weave together metal, gems and and light.  This community awakened in her the desire to create objects that embodied the wisdom  of the universe, using the language of sacred geometry and ancient symbolism to express the harmony and balance that exist in all things.

“I am a creator of miniature sculptures”

Her desire is driven to make the world a better  place and wishes that her artwork will help others discover our own inner light. She believes that by supporting one another, we can create a more peaceful world.

Inspired by community, she has created thousands of pieces for various burning man camps, non profits, individuals, to help shine more positivity into this world.

Her artwork has been featured in the No Spectators Exhibit at the Smithsonian Renwick, Oakland Museum of Art,  Sotheby’s, Art with Me, amongst many others. Shannon is published in Karen (Suki) Christians and Christine (Lady Bee) Kristen’s book, Jewelry of Burning Man. p71, 77, 78.

Maker: Shannon Shiang
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4 reviews for Biography: Shannon Shiang

  1. Janet Grant

    Shannon is my favorite maker, her pendants remind me every day of the magic of the playa. And the bees 🐝 this year are so good.

  2. Elliot Wronski

    Shannon’s work consistently blows minds! Our camp has been lucky enough to have her as either a direct member or honorary for coming up on a decade, and her pieces are always the most coveted that are gifted. Normally we give a general idea of what we want from design and then she takes it and hits it out the park with her own twist. Really can’t say enough about how good her eye for design and that ‘coolness’ factor is.. highly recommend!!

  3. Nancy marcus

    My fav burning man designer!!! I have collected quite a few of Shannon’s amazing burner pcs through the years and cherish each one ! Each one is so gives me great memories of that year

  4. Fluffy

    Wow! This collection is absolutely amazing!
    Love it! 💛💛💛

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