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BRC Street Spinner, 2019 Pendant

BRC Street Spinner, 2019 Pendant by Tricia Kelly.
This pendant is a cleverly thought out game where chance dictates what BRC street your journey to. Hand fabricated in layers to accommodate the moving parts.

Tricia Kelly is one of the Playas most prolific and artistic makers. Each year she makes unique pendants which are highly treasures by collectors. Her work is featured in Museums including the 2018 exhibit No Spectators, The Art of Burning Man at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C. and is featured in Karen Christians book, Jewelry of Burning Man. p138-139.

Artifact courtesy of Playa Artifacts Museum (P.A.M.). Tod (TBone) Johnson, Curator.

Maker: Tricia Kelly Burning Man 2019 Private Collection of Playa Artifacts Museum Media: Paper, Plastic, Metal
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