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BUT DID YOU DIE, 2020 Sticker by Jim Pehkonen.

The story told by Jim Pehkonen, “But Did You Die’ – I have worked Perimeter 7 straight years, gone to BM 8 straight years. While on shift during a whiteout, I almost hit someone attempting to sneak in. I followed them to where he hid out in a porto on Gate road. When the shift supervisor arrived, we confronted him – he did not have a ticket. It took LE 45+ minutes to arrive. That is the picture of me when I finally got back in my vehicle. He was a bit of an ass, and during our interaction, I said ‘But Did You Die’ after he said I almost hit him with the truck.”

Maker: Jim Pehkonen Burning Man 2020 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Paper, Plastic
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