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MURDER INC., 2019 Sticker.

Sticker for a 2019 Art Installation in deep Playa.
Daphne du Maurier once used a flock of birds in a tale of horror to represent the unrestrained and unstoppable force of nature.  It is a story of violence and fear, as humans are overpowered by the very nature that was long thought dominated by mankind and our technology.  Over a decade later, Alfred Hitchcock did much the same in his film The Birds.  A film about humans taking nature for granted.

Much like these stories, over fifty years later, Murder Inc. was created to represent the unrepentant and uninhibited power of nature.  The inescapable effect that nature has on us all– despite, or perhaps, in spite of all our progress and all our technological advances.  The mistakes and the damage that we have done to this world are there, always lurking, surrounding even the most beautiful aspects and creations of mankind.

Murder Inc. is a group of 100 crows (named, aptly, for a murder of crows) that were introduced as a roving guerrilla art project for Burning Man 2019.  Drawn by artists from around the world and crafted by Charles Gadeken, they flew around the playa and landed at a new spot each day, circling and swarming and clustering around other beautiful art projects.

Murder Inc. is a constant, ineluctable reminder of the inevitable and unrelenting power of nature.

My friend Sam Reese had been talking about this idea for a couple years, and I was so glad to make it a reality with a great team. It was a lot of fun! #murderinc

Maker: Charles Gadeken and Sam Reese Burning Man 2019 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Paper, Plastic
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