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Together, 2022 Pin

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Together, 2022 Pin by Crista (CMoney) Delathauwer.
A necklace, Sticker and Patch was also made.
Production by Tod (TBone) Johnson).

Crista is a new artist to the Playa. She was awarded the Necklace Factory Award- 2021 Medal of High Honor as encouragement to make art.
The artwork came from a Christmas rendering on a chalkboard. Her excitement for Burning Man produced this graphic which was turned into a pendant, patch, sticker and pin.

Maker: Crista Delathauwer Playa Name: CMONEY Burning Man 2022 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Plastic, Casted
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2 reviews for Together, 2022 Pin

  1. Dolores Patterson

    It’s a magnet on my refrigerator and Love it. Good job, Crista!

  2. Fluffy

    I love this pin!
    I have one that I wear proudly everyday on my jacket

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