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Waking Dreams 2022 Official Sticker

Waking Dreams 2022 Official Sticker by LilJoy & Lofax Elifas. Winner of the Black Rock City Official Sticker Design of 2022. A Patch was also made.

Lofax Elifas and LilJoy are 2 of the most creative and productive members of the Makers community. Often they team up and produce some of the most iconic artifacts treasured among collectors and burners alike. Her background in Graphic Design has produced many unique items in different medias from Patches, stickers to pendants and pins. In addition to making several of his own gifts every year, Lofax coordinates several large group runs of Burning Man Swag from Pendants, Stickers, Pins and Patches, producing thousands with each run. He works with makers with little or no production experience, often working with a napkin sketch or a chat of an idea to bring their art to life.


Maker: LilJoy and Lofax Elifas Playa Name: LilJoy and Lofax Elifas Burning Man 2022 Private Collection of Paul Delathauwer Media: Paper, Plastic
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